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Double chamber incinerators

Construction Constructed from heavy duty mild or aluminized steel or equal and approved equivalent Refractory material lining Length 10 m above ground Bore about 350mm diameter Discharge temperatures About 850 0C Emissions To comply with standards in section 9 of third schedule of the waste management regulations, 2006. 3.5 Electrical System Control unit Fully automatic with microprocessor based control unit (PLC) automating all operations of the incinerator. Capable of monitoring all incinerator parameters With large LCD or similar for display of all progress Parameters i.e. temperature of primary and secondary chambers, turbulence and time With status lamp With user of defined and differed programmed operating cycles for different type of loads/conditions With safety interlocks, display of errors and visible and audio alarms. System for continuous emission monitoring Isolator switch Supply and install isolator switch 240V, 100A for the incinerator unit, including all necessary cables 10m Distribution Board Supply and install distribution board. 100 A, complete with MCBs suitable for the rating of the incinerator unit and associated equipment. Wiring to be done according IEE regulations. Wiring Make provisions for wiring the isolator switch, Distribution Board control unit to Incinerator and all associated equipment inside to incinerator room. Working length 20m. Wiring to be done using PVC Sheath cable on steel conduits and trucking and in accordance with IEE regulations Fuel System Supply and install storage fuel tank inside the incinerator room at an elevated position (about 1.5 m above the floor) Fuel Tank Tank capacity, 400 liters, constructed from preferable suitable metallic material or high temperature resistance material Fuel type Diesel Fuel Lines Supply and install fuel lines, complete with fuel filters, pump, sight glass, fuel level and all other safety devices and connect from fuel tank to incinerator. Working length , 20m Fuel pipe material; Special copper pipes or similar and approved materials

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